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John Ford Podcast

Nov 28, 2018

Today on the Evening Rancor, the greatest kitchen invention since Ron Popeil twisted his potato. What rhymes with potato? Why NATO of course! The Rooskies better not be Putin on a winter war. 

Nov 21, 2018

For God's sake, please stand clear of all grocery store doors! No matter how much you wash it your greens will never come clean and other Thanksgiving misgivings on this edition of the John Ford Podcast The Evening Rancor. 

Nov 13, 2018

Radio hosts, how much can you suck, and how brilliant can you be with just a little twist of a phrase. John disses and sends accolades to Lee Abrams, Long Jim White, Redbeard the dreaded John Aielli and more right after these commercial messages. 

Nov 8, 2018

It's the bacon and eggs breakfast edition of the Evening Rancor. What do you get when you cross a pant-less man, a mosque, the Waffle House, Oldham England and bacon? Listen to this edition of the John Ford Podcast to find...

Nov 2, 2018

Just like my first pony, had my first experience with legal weed in Cali last week. And Further thoughts on the cult of Beto.